Do you repeat yourself enough?

Written by: Christina Langan

10 Apr 2023

Do You Repeat Yourself Enough?

Recently, I’ve seen a few social media posts saying that “There is too much repetition and creators should come up with something different.” I am wholeheartedly in favour of originality and creativity, as a piece of content it is going to be more interesting if you add your own spin. But it is also good to remember that constantly coming up with new content ideas is not easy.

My main issue with this comment, is that it’s rather hypercritical. As a major part of marketing is to repeat, repeat and repeat your brand message with the aim of  increasing engagement with your audience. It is well known that you need to promote your message consistently, ensuring your brand is top of mind when your target market is considering that important buying decision. It’s true every consumer eventually reaches their point of message fatigue, however, repetition is a powerful tool and how you implement it as part of your creative marketing strategy is what matters.

Repetition, like the constant rhythm of waves rising, falling and then rising again, makes us feel secure. As we are naturally attuned to look for repetitive patterns because our brain prioritises them. So we tend to prefer words, phrases and logos that we become more familiar with and see regularly. But repetition can also instil credibility particularly when you reinforce your focused brand message and it is delivered using a consistent tone of voice with a clear visual identity at every touch point.

Repetition is an essential ingredient for your marketing, as it can provide your audience with:

  • Learning – your marketing should educate your buyers about their needs, potential solutions, and expected outcomes. Repetition is a critical to this learning process, and helps your audience to identify with you.
  • Visibility – chances are your content won’t get seen by your target audience every time you post it. So it is necessary to repeat topics and themes on different platforms and using a range of formats for an increased likelihood in conversion.
  • Efficiency – repurposing or recycling evergreen content or even refreshing some of your quality content by adding a new timely or topical angle will really offer your consumers value. Plus it could save you time and money!

There will always be pressure to continually create new, relevant content. But repeating your message over and over again is not a crime, it is in fact crucial to your marketing strategy. Reinforced messaging consistently builds trust and authority, and by adding creativity to deliver your message, you can make it resonate more powerfully with your audience across all your channels, as they learn more about your brand.

So something for you to think about is ‘do you repeat yourself enough in your marketing?’

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