Marketing Audit

Looking for ways to boost your brand’s performance and drive better results?
A marketing audit maybe just what your business needs.

How does a Marketing Audit help my business?

An optimised strategy that delivers results

A marketing audit will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current  marketing strategy.

By evaluating your marketing activities, tactics and performance, we help to pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and creative strategies to help you reach your goals.

Improved performance using insights

With so many tactics and channels available to you today, it can be very confusing knowing where to focus your attention.

Analysing your results, website traffic, email campaigns, social media metrics and your marketing spend, will provide insights into how to plan your future activities.

Differentiation and a competitive edge

A comparison of your competitor’s marketing activities provides you with insights to identify potential opportunities.  

Assessing how your brand is competing across your owned and paid channels will help you to understand your value proposition and outperform your competition.


What’s involved in a Marketing Audit?

A marketing audit provides clarity on what’s worked, what hasn’t and highlights the opportunities for your business. It can be applied to your whole strategy or it can focus on a new product or service campaign, a rebrand refresh, or to measure your marketing against a competitor. When it is carried out by an experienced third-party, it ensures that you get a more unbiased assessment and actionable insights.

How does a marketing audit work?

  • Select which area of your marketing you would like to be audited
  • Identify your objectives which can be broken down into measurable and defined goals
  • Gather all the relevant information that needs to be assessed and consolidated
  • Evaluate the data and create a report of the findings and recommendations

What will you receive?

  • 30 minute kick off call to discuss the context and scope of the audit
  • A series of follow up meetings to clearly identify your objectives and goals
  • A copy of your Marketing Audit Report including recommendations and any quick wins

How much does a marketing audit cost?

  • Prices and timelines are dependent on the scope and complexity of your audit


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